Vander Meulen


Secluded Nature Retreat

Nestled in the verdant heart of western Michigan’s woods, this home is a harmonious fusion of the raw beauty of nature and the comforts of modern design. The dense canopy of tall trees envelops the home, granting it a sense of solitude and seclusion. Within, the design elements echo the wild surroundings, effortlessly inviting nature inside. One of the home’s most exquisite features is a stunning bathroom crafted by Vander Meulen Builders where luxury meets the raw charm of the wild.

At the center lies a sunken tub, its edges lined meticulously with dark, nature-inspired stones. As sunlight filters through the bathroom’s large windows, it dances upon the stone and water, creating a serene sanctuary where one can immerse themselves, not just in water, but in the very essence of the woods that cradle this architectural marvel in the Holland area.